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Steve W

Yes - good work with photo too Robert! What concerned me was that there was
a guards van behind the engine.

I was assuming that the train was heading up the grade to Newmarket and this
might be the Helensville train #53 which was in my day dragged up to
Newmarket and I believe was too long to use the triangle and had engines at
the rear which took the train on the way the EMUs now do this.

My problem with this is that train #53 was an afternoon train, this appears
to be first line, perhaps a long excursion heading north in which care I
would be surprised if the Ka took it any further than Newmarket.

I have no info on the photographer, so therefore it was fun to work it out.
I guess what we need to resolve is what this train is

Steve W

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I tend to agree it is Sarawia St as well.

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Crossing Sarawia St on the climb to Newmarket.

Think 953 may be on its way to Te Rapa with a race train.

The track in the foreground is the stub of the line through the original
Parnell Tunnel.

It was used as a backshunt to propel rolling stock into the former NZR
workshops which the NZPO took over after the NZR shops moved to Otahuhu in
the late 1920s.

I remember talk a couple of years ago of making the original tunnel a bike

Has any thing happened on that front?


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