Re: Dunedin Railways debacle

Steve W

Really - thanks for that Robert, I sent this letter so long ago - about a
week to 10 days ago I think. I hope it brought a different perspective to
the debate which from recent stories appears to have gotten a little

The virus seems to have gotten out of hand here. The problem being Victoria
- unfortunately a lot of them have fled over the border into New South Wales
fearing a lockdown, thus spreading the disease doing stupid things it should
be added. The state borders will be locked down today a noon, unfortunately
a week late so only time will tell. The problem being the proposed
TransTasman bubble which I think will be an enormous thing to administer on
a state by state basis.

I believe that cruise ships could be running inside December if they set
their mind to it, buffets will be history and crews would need to be
isolated for a month. I hope that owners and stakeholders are working behind
the scenes. I believe that with social distancing I can now see that cruise
ships could return to Australasian waters and contribute so much to the
economies of NZ/Oz and pacific islands.

My understanding was that Dunedin Railways was on the brink before the
outbreak of Covid-19

Steve W

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Steve, your letter to the editor of the ODT re Dunedin Railways was
published yesterday.

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Greetings all - I have scanned a slide from the John Wallers collection but
have no info. You will need to work on the loco and the location please

Steve W

Steve W

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