Re: NAL progress from the Wellsford base

Steve W

Positive words Ross - don't forget that this action will include the new CT site at Otiria. Marsden Point branch building? There will be a number of factors as to whether it's built, one of which will be the re-election of Mr Winston (+ party) and whether the current government will be elected in it's own right thus not requiring other parties to form a coalition. Also getting the parties involved to agree on the moving of the Port of Auckland there which will involve a lot of manoeuvring by the parties involved.

A line to Marsden Point may also see the resumption of services on the Dargaville Branch. If thinking positively then there are hopes in many places. Who knows the effect on the world of the recession caused by the virus, due to action of the NZ government we have had the least problems. Who knows we may just start "printing money" like many governments in the world and get away with it too.

Steve W

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Hopefully, all this work will be followed by construction of the branch line to Marsden Point.

Will the SOL be next for this treatment?


Steve W

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