Re: Super Fund bidding for City-Airport light rail proposal in Auckland Keen

Cran Julian

I understand one of the proposals was/still is - Puhinui-Mangere Airport - and land has been destinated for such a rail link
and follows a major secondary road from Puhinui!


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Why not take a spur line from near the Wiri EMU depot, across Roscommon, McLaughlins & Price Rds and then head for the Airport.

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Most people (including the government) have realised that the light
rail from Auckland City to the airport isn't practical. The
Superannuation Fund mentioned is still keen. I think like the City
Rail Loop the main benefit of this would be, as a development creating
a lot of investment along the route.

Most railfans seem to agree now that any rail to the airport should go
directly to the NIMT. Once there was a dream for the airport to be
reached via the Onehunga Branch but this now seems to be impractical
and expensive.

The story is that the Super Fund says there will be no blowout in
cost, don't they all blowout costwise?

Steve W

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