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Steve W

Thanks Trevor - yes noticed that the train is coming off a yard track 3rd on to a second track, so quite interesting as maybe the train was stopped to have a look at the tram across the road if still in situ (I can't recall). I don't think that Manunui was a crossing loop at that time.

Steve W

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Waiouru Triangle David? That's what I started with but I don't think so due to the curvature in the track. I think Manunui looks close in many ways but the railway seems to be on a curve but in the aerial and to my knowledge the track is straight. S Steve W
Steve your Ef+Ef photo is at the same location.
The "curve" that 945 is on in the J Wallers pic is a siding, not the mainline.
The mainline and crossing loop are beyond 945 and look straight enough to my eye.

There's no chance of it being the second triangle at Waiouru, as both connections were directly to the mainline. The sidings at Waiouru are/were on the opposite side of the mainline

Attached is an extract from a JM Creber Manunui pic matched to the relative portion of the skyline in the J Wallers shot.


Steve W

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