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Steve W

Waiouru Triangle David? That's what I started with but I don't think so due to the curvature in the track. I think Manunui looks close in many ways but the railway seems to be on a curve but in the aerial and to my knowledge the track is straight. I have attached a photo taken from the equivalent spot of where John has taken his photo (if in fact here?)

Steve W

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Is that a track leading to a triangle in the foreground (ought to narrow it down a bit) or to an 'industry' at right angles to the main line?

David P
On 28 May 2020 at 10:58 Steve W wrote:

Greetings all - I wonder if you can identify this location in the
attached John Wallers photo attached.

There are a couple of places I've thought of - then ruled them out.
I'm hoping you can assist

Steve W

Footnote - sorry for the late arrival, I'd neglected to click the send
button last night

Steve W

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