Winston hoses down expectations of the Auckland Light Rail project

Steve W

Auckland Light Rail Project : We already thought it was dead, apart from one
of the one super fund still being keen on the project. While most rail
people that I know aren't in favour of the project it's fair to say that it
would have possibly been of more value as a development project meaning that
it would encourage investment along the corridor although I have my doubts
that this investment would quite work as well as Auckland's CRL Loop now
under construction. The CRL in my mind has always been an Auckland CBD
development/investment type project; while also being an extremely expensive
rail project (Almost crazy from a rail point of view - a non profit making
venture likely to involve a lot of expense for KR an enormous amount of
input and energy). The CRL is a worthwhile project I think because of the
investment it will bring in the rejuvenation of the CBD. The previous
(seemingly) anti-rail government eventually saw it in this light and got
behind the project.

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