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# Modems and Cables

  • Northwest Digital Radio   Northwest Digital Radio UDRC - soundcard Linux interface with 6 pin DIN and GPS
  • Nino TNC n9600a - new techniques and FEC
  • Raspberry Pi 9600 Baud TNC (TNC-Pi9k) 
    • 9600 Info - TAPR DCC #36 Slides from Presentation  -  Video -  By Mark Griffith, KD0QYN
    • TNC-Pi9k6 at etsy - John is no longer supporting due to trouble getting parts.  Project adopted by WVCARC
  • UZ7HO software modem - Windows only
  • DIREWOLF software modem - Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Cables - Ham Made Parts - Les
  • Cables - BlueMax49ers - Mark Dunkle KJ6ZWL on eBay & Amazon

# 9k6 ready - flat discriminator audio - standard 6-pin mini-din

  • Kenwood TH-D710, TH-D700, TM-V71
  • Yaesu FT-817, FT-857, FT-897, FT-891, FT-991A
  • Yaesu (CT-39A interface cable) FT-8900, FT-7900, FT-8800
  • Icom IC-208H, IC-207H, IC-706*, ID-880H for 1200/9600 baud with DIN-6 port. IC-7000 - not confirmed to work on 9600.

# 9k6 ready - flat discriminator audio, alternative connection / port

  • Alinco's DR-235T, DR-135T, DR-435T (DE-9)
  • Bridgecom 15 pin data jack
  • Kenwood FT-6, TH-D7, TH-D72, TH-D74, TM-271a, FT-2600 (DE-9)  (? is Kenwood DE-9 same as Alinco?)
  • Maxon SD-125V2 VHF Synthesized RF Data Link Radio 148-174 MHz
  • TEKK SD-520 UHF Synthesized 2 watts 10 channels
  •  FC-301 (ex Argent)
  • Yaesu FTM-400 10-pin data jack, FTM-100DR for 1200/9600 and CAT control with adapter cable
    • Yeasu 1500M - has a 6 pin din, see notes below, but unknown if it will work at 9600.


# Not 9k6 ready yet good for slower packet with other convenient interface

  • Kenwood TM-281a - good radio but not even interior pads for data. It is possible: link

# Others - 

  • Wouxun HTs
  • Baofeng HTs

# Notes

  • A brief look at the ICOM F521 manual indicates that it does NOT have discriminator output so do NOT route IN1 ALSA control ie. your left channel is currently configured to use discriminator out & it shouldn't be. This assumes that you have a properly wired cable with discriminator out on pin 4 & AFOUT on pin 5 referencing the mDin6 cable. - Basil/nwdradio
  • - Legacy 9600 baud Wisdom
  • Yaesu FT-1500M  - WA8LMF - Ultra-compact 50-watt 2M mono-bander with 6-pin mini-DIN data port.  Discontinued, but turns up frequently at swap meets. Radio is packaged in a cast-aluminum clam-shell, barely an inch thick, that doubles as heat sink.   Unique mounting method:  Instead of the usual trunion mobile-mount bracket, two #8 bolts extend through the clam-shell from top to bottom. Makes it really easy to mount the radio to the inside wall of an ammo box with no wasted space, for portable ammo-box trackers and digipeaters. This is an excellent platform for all kinds of APRS applications. Grab any and all you see at swap-meets and ham fests!
  • Yaesu FT-8900 - WA8LMF - FM quad-bander for 10m, 6m, 2m and 70 cm. It has dual receivers and is capable of cross-band digipeat between any of these bands. I've actually used it, in my car, to digipeat 144.39 MHz to UHF for radio club demos at meetings deep inside buildings. It has the 6-pin mini-DIN port with the cleanest discriminator output I've seen in a ham (not commercial land mobile) rig. The accuracy of the 300-3000 Hz de-emphasis curve on the "1200-baud" pin of the mini-DIN is also among the best I've seen ever. Note that the TYT-9800 (almost identical-looking Chinese knockoff of this radio for $100 less) lacks the all-important data port!
  • Yeasu FTM-3100R has a mini-USB plug on the back labeled as 'DATA'. - The connector on the back is USB for updating firmware.  Packet will have to go through the mic connector.
  • Kenwood TM-271a has the place to mount a DE-9 and pads on the circuit board for jumper wires to provide flat audio for digital modes.  The newer TM-281a does not but it is possible using info from the web.
  • Bridgecom. They make a series of single band radios that have a 15 pin connector for interfacing. These are reasonably priced ($240) units. 73 de Steve, N9VW