Pro review of SS Flyer 280 SUP-Windfoil longboard

Greg Mejlaender

I stumbled upon this review that Andy Brant did for one of his sponsors, Slingshot. It's from last month, shot in the Gorge. Cool info and vid that Mike B and Marek (who own this board) will enjoy... along with interesting info that lots of us will find interesting!!

After watching Mike on his for a couple years... and checking it out myself... and thinking about foiling it... I agree, this is a good review.
SS should probably be selling more of these, but people are put off by the size. I know another local who might've bought one... but he has a storage space constraint, so needed a shorter board.


Thank you Greg for sharing this video !

Couple of points from my perspective:

1. I absolutely agree with Andy on one point and I also came to that conclusion by myself a while ago. I use 60cm (24") mast instead of 90cm (36") mast on Slingshot Flyer 280. I made so many crashes with 90cm.
90cm mast is for Tony Logosz to show off in Foil Academy. There is no need for 90cm mast on this board unless you are riding ocean swell. To me this board is for lighter winds for up to 15mph. When there is more wind in forecast Exocet RF 91 is more fun for me (Wizard /Dialer type board) and there I definitely use 90cm mast. 

2. Flyer 280 biggest advantage and at the same time the biggest failure it is its weight at 30LB (13.6 kg). I discussed it with Wyatt Miller at Slingshot ant expressed my frustration that they do not publish anywhere their boards weight. I had to go to European Sellers ( France) to find out the weight or measure myself once I bought it. Wyatt said that they will consider my input. I went to buy  Exocet RF 91 instead of SS Wizard because they did not disclose weight and skimping on the footstraps that were included in Exocet price but not Wizard. Wyatt said that they came from Surfing background where board weight was not important and that is why. I told him that in my opinion any windsurfer will care about board weight not only to carry it to the water and car but also to get the difference between volume and actual buoyancy. I have windsurfed for almost 40 years.

3. How did the Slingshot get to such incredible weight at such price ? The answer is simple: because they coated a large block of styrofoam with simple plastic shell without adding any fiberglass to reinforce it.
Did you wonder a while ago someone posted a Craigslist ad from Portland where there was a used Flyer 280 with a gaping hole in front on top like a shark would take a big bite?
Look at the video. Why Andy Brant has a large sticker on the nose ? Because that is where the boom goes boom into the board and cracks the plastic shell exposing styrofoam underneath.
So now you know.
After fixing my Flyer 280 nose damage I decided to use variety of solutions. 
Before buying "Surfbent Windsurf Board Nose Protector - Ocean" from Europe & "ION Mast/Board Protector 2019 RDM & SDM" from I improvised and used High Quality Neoprene pipe insulation for about $12 from Home Depot that was 6ft long and I attached it to the mast from bottom to above the boom. I thought I had a picture of my workaround  but I can not find the picture right now. I will post it later if I find it.

I hope Mike B will chime in and provide his feedback as he has been riding Slingshot Flyer 280 for hundreds or maybe even thousands of hours.



Is the plastic on top of foam construction ever used in surfboards?  Or in low end SUP's?

Michael Bryan

I mostly use my flyer 280 when the wind is light and with a big foil. Mostly with my 8.2m flyer sail. I know it is really heavy. But for it's size it cuts thru waves and catches waves like a long surfboard. I have had some great downwind sessions on the 280 flyer. Plus it can be very relaxing on foil with the right wind.
I would not recommend the flyer board for its weight and size if your into foiling only. But if you like a versatile board it can be fun for multiple rolls. I'm thinking big boards like the flyer 280 will never become everyone's choice for a good foil board. But I'm a fan because I can use it for a sup or a foil sup board. 

Michael Bryan

Thanks for sharing Greg. Yes he is really good on the flyer if he can do full foil jibes on that big board. It is really impressive to see him using the 24 in mast. I like using my 36 inch mast for foot pumping the flyer around.