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I am an "Aquatic Animal": Sailor, Windsurfer, Rescue Diver, former Lifeguard, Scuba Diver, Performance Swimmer, Free Diver, Solo Diver, Self Reliant Scuba Diver, Underwater Photographer.

I am a Citizen Scientist for Marine Life of Puget Sound with thousands of my own photographs documented by species free online at  Most of Fish of Puget Sound Completed, other marine life ongoing, have more than 50 thousand pictures to publish sitting and waiting for "long winter rainy days".  

My other non-aquatic passions are Maritime Music, Choral Music (I sing as a Tenor/Barryton), Playing variety of instruments, Dirt biking, working, fixing & driving Fords & Chevy Corvettes, Skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking, Learning about Survival Skills.

Wisdom skills: Author of the book: "Wisdom of the Sages and ordinary folks from around the world" Published in 2009.
I am "A Jack of all Trades", I fix stuff, I am an Engineer not only by education (MSEE in Electrical Engineering in Telecommunication specialty) but also by heart and by spirit, always steering clear of Political Correctness and BS just focusing on finding Real Solutions that make a difference for Everyone.

I have spent my lifetime working for International Companies (Ascom & Nokia) all over the World in Europe, Australia, South East Asia Pacific & the USA working in Mobile Network Infrastructure Divisions.

I am Triple Citizen of Europe (Poland), Australia & the USA.

I love challenges because only in challenging environment you can grow & learn the most. I am persistent, I am a "Doer". 

I do not watch Sports. I rather do sports myself. I strongly agree with "hypothetical Alien" watching Humans expressing his/her thoughts: "those Humans are a strange creatures, the one who need exercise sit in front of the TV boxes watching the one on the screen that are fit already and do not need exercising anymore, that does not make any sense, doesn't it ?!" I strongly agree with the  "hypothetical Alien".
I promote good health lifestyle & exercise as the "cheapest medicine" or "personal investment". The best example for it is my YouTube video as to what I do and you can do to stay Healthy: 

I am extremely far away from average human being in so many aspects that puts me at odds with majority of population or majority population expectation.

I was born Ambidextrous meaning "both handed". That mean when someone says "raise the right hand up" I have to first think about it because I equally use right and left hand. Yes, I can write with both left and right hand and my handwriting will be different by each hand. By blood type I belong to only few % of population with rare type "B" RH "-" classified by some as "Nomad" Type, Thriving on Dairy Products (Yes, I love Cheese and breads and they are good for my health). By DNA my haplogroup R-YP270 is only as common as 1 in 1600 People.  My more precise Haplogroup (downstream) puts me as 1 in millions: YP270 > CTS4648 > YP1405 > YP4479
By now you may understand when everybody follows "the herd effect" and goes e.g. "left" while I will go "right".
That is in my DNA, Nature, Blood etc, etc.

I am not afraid to be different because that difference made me a successful Engineer & Manager over two Decades, thinking always "outside the box" and that made me to be highly valued by Nokia & Ascom (Both International Companies highly focused on Diversity of its Workforce)

In decision making, I follow my "internal compass" and "my conscience" and I focus on doing what is right instead of what is easy. I always have long term goal in mind. I raised 3 children into the adulthood and self reliance.

I was not a "popular" parent but I always followed long term Principles and Humanity True Wisdom developed over Millennia e.g. "Give everything to pigs and children, you will have good pigs and bad children".
Because value of the pig is measured how much it gains weight so it can be slaughtered for meat, value of human being comes from Learning Principles like: Responsibility, Accountability, Reliability, Hard Work, Ethics, Loyalty to Principles, Respect for Diversity, Passion for Good Causes, Empathy for Human Suffering, Seeking Justice, Seeking Peace & Solutions.

More details in my book:   "Wisdom of the Sages and ordinary folks from around the world"