Re: First wing foil sessions

Don Ledford

Excellent start. The first couple of sessions are usually about getting back to the launch after getting blown downwind.

I think it would be a great service to offer non-foiling winging lessons. People can start on a SUP with a drift-stopper fin and learn to handle the wing in a couple of sessions.  Some people will be happy to never foil, but even the adventurous would be well served by a chance to learn wing handling before introducing the foil.  Nearly every time I go to the beach with my wing kit people are asking about how to get started.

Greg - It'd only take you a couple of hours to master the basics of wing handling on a SUP and with your foiling skills you could take it further as far as you wanted. But many people just need that initial starting point. How to pump up the wing, attach the leashes, jibe the wing, paddle back ...

On 9/23/22 23:56, ben@... wrote:
I had my first wing foil sessions this past week on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday.

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