Foil rear wings

Don Ledford

Good session at Newcastle yesterday. I winged with a 6m2.

I'm not a complete gear nut - well, mostly not.

But - yesterday I swapped in an Axis 450 progressive rear wing for my Axis 440 Freeride rear wing.

The 450 is a much thinner and smaller wing with a higher aspect ratio.  I bought this to go with my still mostly unused Axis ART999 front wing. I tried the ART999 once and then went back to the 1150 until I've got jibes down.

I was amazed how much more slippery it felt.  I can still pump and get flying early, but it felt noticeably faster and glide was improved.  It also felt nimble playing on the micro-swell.

So my 440 Freeride is now in the spares category and I'm looking forward to trying the ART again. Glide matters.

440 image450 image

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