OO-Denny Tuesday

Don Ledford

I winged at OO-Denny from about noon to 3:00.

I used a 7.0m2 and was always well powered. In order to maximize jibes I stayed pretty close to the launch rarely going more than 1/2 across. In that section I found the wind to be very steady.

My jibes are slowly improving. Wind definitely helps; jibing a 7m2 wing in marginal conditions is much harder than the same kit when there's enough wind to avoid back winding.

My weak stance jibe (goofy, left foot back, starboard reach to port) is much weaker than my strong stance (right foot back) jibe. I don't remember this being a dramatic difference when wind-foiling. A lot of wingers, especially those who are mostly surfing, stay in their strong stance and never switch. They just go toe-side on every other reach. But I'm clinging to my windsurfing roots and learning to switch feet.

It's super easy to jibe back when on toe-side. I was pleasantly surprised when I made my first attempt at this. My program yesterday was when on port (strong side for me) jibe to toe-side, sail 10 yards or so, jibe back to port, gain speed, jibe back to toe-side, and then attempt to switch feet. On starboard I'm just trying to jibe to toe-side.  All of my foot swaps are after touching the water (wimpy, wimpy, wimpy, cluck cluck).

So progress - slow - but progress. By the time I'm 80 I hope to be working on tacks.

Winging is wonderful exercise. I'll probably start using a harness shortly, but I'm enjoying the workout.

As I was packing up Herbie and a crew of long boarders were unloading.  Maybe a bit too much wind for a relaxing long board session, but some adrenaline feels good.

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