Re: Where to sail Friday September 9?

Giovanni USA-6

If wind is good, I will be foiling in the South Sound at either Browns Point, Dash Point or Des Moines. No problem with weeds in BP and DP, and minor ar DM. Tides may affect choice (I try to avoid Des Moines on low tides due to the long walk to deeper water). Browns is not affected much by tides and Dash Point Pier beach is marginally affected.

On Wed, Sep 7, 2022, 10:56 AM Don Ledford <don.ledford@...> wrote:

I plan to wing foil at OO-Denny. Not much weed there (compared to SSP). This time of year there will be clumps of floating weed sprinkled about Lake Washington. If I'm paying attention I can dodge these pretty easily when wing-foiling.

On 9/7/22 10:46, Barbara Belt via wrote:
Forecast looks promising - where is a good place around the Seattle metro area for a beginning windsurf foiler?  Is there anywhere without a lot of weed?  I've been trying to foil and I find myself "mowing the lawn" instead!

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