Re: My 2 Seconds of Fame!

Don Ledford

I'm glad you pointed this out. If I had noticed it when walking by their shop my brain might have exploded - "That's not Bruce's board!"

On 8/29/22 08:58, bbarry6186 via wrote:

This series is taking up several store windows at the Northwave Sail Shop - visible on the walkway between the Event Site and the Waterfront Park.   Amazing photo shopping here - the red sail red helmet is me from the ankles up and someone else from the feet down.  Northwave sells GoFoil boards as well as sails.  The red sail is a 2.8 meter, tiny, but a common sail size for me in the gorge.  I talked to the guys at the store about it - we were laughing and they said that yeah, they thought it was me.  They also wondered if the new feet and ankles made me taller.   

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