Re: Hood River, Aug. 23 to 25

Don Ledford

Wow - hitting a deer sounds like a minor issue compared to rock climbing a motorhome.   Since my wife insists on a nice river-view room the Best Western is $350-400 per night. This might make you feel better about the $2,300.

Also in the "feel better" category. instead of thinking about when to go to Maui I just ordered a heating element for my Rinsekit portable shower since I'll be chasing local Winter winging.

And since you're winging you can use a small vehicle when desperate.

On 8/25/22 18:55, Jim Schmitt wrote:

Well,cost to de perch my motorhome off the rock ninja style was $2300. 
 Cost of fixing rest of motorhome …? . My insurance agent is talking about totaling the vehicle having seen the pictures . Oh did I tell you the radiator is leaking like a sieve, a mini Old Faithful . 
 It’s been a grand day . 
I’m currently at a truck stop waiting for the heat to dissipate  before limping home , radiator cap off , several gallons of distilled water at ready hand . 
 I avoided a significant accident on I 5 by swerving the motorhome abruptly to the right stearing in and out of crash debris . I felt like I was in Mad Max.
 Now I’m almost afraid to hit the road . 
 I’ll get an ice cream …


On Aug 25, 2022, at 6:45 PM, Don Ledford <don.ledford@...> wrote:

I going down tomorrow in my Mazda with my wife and staying at the Best Western. Just one night; a session on Friday and one on Saturday before heading home. Wing gear, including board, fits easily in my little CX-5, but I miss my wounded van.

Congrats on the winging progress. When I started I was worried that standing up from kneeling would be hard on my knees, but it hasn't been a problem. I've convinced myself that slow, but sure, progress is probably more rewarding than being instantly good. Not that I was given a choice. 

On 8/25/22 18:16, Neil Caves wrote:

I learned a lot over my three days at Hood River. Finally got up on foil under the wing. I had my last session today and I learned that my method of getting up on the board doesn’t work in the gusts and swells of the Columbia gorge. On Kootenay Lake I would just stand up on the board quickly pull the wing off the water a take off. Doesn’t work here. I spent an hour getting dumped before I started kneeling, getting some momentum and then standing up. My legs are so sore right now but I finally was able to get up consistently in the swells and chop. Small steps.
Sorry to here about your vehicle, Don.
Condolences to the deer.

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