Re: Driving down to HR tomorrow

Yoav Srebrnik

Had a good time in HR today. Wind was not as strong as I wished. But sunny sky, no work and completing carve gybes, so I am definitely happy for making the trip .
10am-11am used a 5.5 sail.
11-14:00 used a 6.6 sail. 
Fin board 116l.

Few PSAs:
The HR bridge will be closed for traffic this week.
I84 is also going through some extensive summer maintenance, so check before heading down.
Water levels are so high the sand dune is practically invisible. Waterfront park water access is different.

On Tue, Jun 21, 2022, 10:59 AM Yoav Srebrnik via <> wrote:
Hope to see familar faces there.

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