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Glenn Reichenbach

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Hi Bill,

It is nice to hear from you.  Sometimes it seems as though no one is even reading my messages because of a lack of feedback so when someone responds positively it gives me hope that I am providing some useful information to someone.  At least they should know that some of us are still out there looking for the best conditions available within a reachable distance of being able to get to without too much driving and without burning too much fuel/money.  However, sometimes during the winter the need for good wind and some good sunshine drives decisions that may seem not the best for mother earth.  I sometimes get some negative feedback for driving way out to Cline Spit for just a few hours of nirvana and then I see the dismal conditions that they accept as good in the Seattle area that day and then I know that I made the right decision for myself.   I know that sounds selfish but hey, I know what I need to survive and flourish during the winter months. 

That may only be me that calls it "finning" to distinguish it from foiling.  I do not mean to make it look like an ancient form of this sport, but I fear that it really is becoming that very thing.  For me the Slalom and Formula and longboard versions of windsurfing may be finished except for getting beginner and intermediate gear ready for friends and relatives who need some help.

I will try to post more messages in the future about my intent for days around Seattle in the hope that it may inspire you to get back out there for a session.   I believe that my windsurf foiling level is good enough now  to keep a good watch over others out on the lake who may need some help.

--Glenn Reichenbach

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Hi Glenn,
I’m glad to read you are still getting on the water a lot(!!). And successfully ventured into the new ways of having fun on the water – foils, winging, etc.  It cracks me up when they (the young guys) refer to windsurfers as finners like it’s some ancient sport that only a few are keeping alive.
I haven’t been able to sail for several years. I think you might remember that I have Parkinson’s Disease which is a progressive disease which is keeping me off of the water. Sometimes when my meds kick in well I think I could sail. I would make several sailors onshore aware of what I was attempting to do, and to keep an eye on me. But God help me if I go “off” – a condition where my meds have worn off and I’m in need of more. Anxiety, like having trouble water-starting while a 1/2 mile offshore in rising or dying winds, can bring me into an “off” state very quickly. When I’m ‘off’ I can hardly walk, I’m weak, and have poor balance, anxious, etc. I would have trouble just getting myself out of the water, let alone carry a windsurfer and that’s assuming I made it back to shore. I have kept one set of gear – a board, one quiver + accessories, in hopes that a cure comes and/or I’m in great conditions – steady, and maybe onshore, winds. I guess it’s ok to dream.
Anyway, I will continue to vicariously enjoy the sport through your’s and others’ posts!
Cheers and be safe,
-Bill Smersh

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