Re: City League #3 May 18

Greg Mejlaender

Yeah... very cool !!!

That's Nir on the left... and Troy on the right.

I'd love to read each of their "stories" from last Wed :)

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Date: 5/21/22 12:47 PM (GMT-08:00)
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They added a third picture to the Seattle Times article! With 2 windsurfers which I don't recognize but one of them has a big N on the sail, is that Not maybe?

On Fri, May 20, 2022, 6:23 PM Eric Eckstein <ericeckstein@...> wrote:
I ended up rigging a 4.4m^2 sail to a much-too-long 430cm mast, with many thanks owed to Darius for his technical, spiritual, and hardware contributions.  But it was worth it, holy cow!  I had my first waterstarts on Lake Washington go well, it was just like getting lifted up by some divine force.  And by about 7:30, the wind had calmed enough that I could make a couple flights on the new I-84 wing.  I'm glad to have survived the wind-happening without any hardware or bodily failures.  Greg, what can I say, you could have been famous had you just trekked back for your PFD!  (Or infamous had you not made it back to shore, but I'll just assume that you had plenty of safety margin left in you, because that makes me feel better.)

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