Price Reduced: Complete Infinity 76 Foil Set With Lots of Spare Parts


Compete set as described below,  $600

 I-76 and Time Code 57 Wings      42 stabilizer and Switch Fuse
                                                       90 cm Aluminum Tuttle AND Plate Mount Masts 
                                                       $110 worth of spare parts and fasteners  
I-76 Wing
42 Stab
Switch Fuse
91 Tuttle Mast      AND     91 Plate Mount Mast
+ Time Code 57 Wing


2 spare M10 x 45mm Titanium Bolts/Washers    (list $13.32 each)    for Mast to Board
2 spare M8x 50 Countersunk Titanium Bolts  (list $8.88 each)  for Fuse to Mast
2 spare M8 x 23 Titanium Bolts  (list $8.88 each)   for Wing to Fuse
2 Spare Mast Caps  (list $23.32 each)  for Wing to Fuse with bolts above

All in great shape, being replaced with Slingshot Phantasm series.   

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