Re: 10/12/21 Tue Lk WA - Report out of Marsh Park - Another Great Day TOW

Jonathan R.

Nice sailing with ya Marek. 

150L  -  6.0m  -  1000 / 255 / 115+ -2.0°

I tryed the Retro with my 460cm Lightstick mast for the first time.  Stable in flight but better light wind pump to flight and overall feel with a SDM 430cm mast.  A 460cm RDM mast might be a good option with this sail.  I tryed a RDM 430 mast and the sail had too much billow.  My 460cm SDM mast had too little billow and not much give to pump to flight and almost no give when flying.

Great ideas Marek on clean and dry sails!  I will try them out.

When I have to pack up quick or if it is raining when I am packing up I like to strap my sail / sails to the roof rack and lay out to dry under my awning when I am home.  For sails 6.0m or smaller it works to tie the rear boom clue to the top back of the awning or the wall or the gutter.  I attach the sail rolled up and un roll.  I rollup after it is dry and still hooked in.  This prevents unwanted folding in the sail material.  This for the most part drys the sail well and even some wind does not affect it too much.  I like your idea for larger sails and keeping the sails out of the sun as they dry.

Happy sessions

On Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 10:35 PM, Marek Skoczylas
<amskoczylas@...> wrote:
Gear: Gaastra Nitro 2 9.8m, SB Go 180L, M1000/115++/255(-2) -0.5 shim.

Another great day.
Jonathan R launched from Maggie on his moded board and with 6+m SW Retro and we were riding closer to Maggie first.
Then, I decided to go closer to 520 Bridge where as usual was more wind and flatter water.
40 miles in 5h25min - not as good as on the 10/6/21 but still plenty of fun.
Max speed 17.8mph, Ave speed 7.4mph Ave moving speed 7.6mph. 
The wind was up and down, gusty. 
So as of today 1811 miles windsurfing and windfoiling on Lk WA this year. 189 miles to go to reach the target.
BTW 520 sensor is down. Other reported winds gusting only up to 12-13 mph. I am sure I had more wind than all surrounding sensors show.
You can see the "sweet spot" on the map with higher speeds and where I was riding most near 520 Bridge:.


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