Re: Ways to clean and dry your sail: continuation of: Packing up in the rain


On Wed, Oct 13, 2021 at 06:06 PM, Tuu wrote:
One last silly question: When do you put the sail back into their bag? Are the sail bags as prone to mold?
It is not a silly question at all.
I bought several used sails in the past from other windsurfers that were with mold (both sails and the bags) . I treated those bags in bleach to kill the mold. They obviously lighten up the color.
That is the reason why I keep the sail bags dry all the time. I use two long "under bed type" plastic containers in my car for wet sails, booms and masts. 

After the sail is air dried outside till the afternoon next day, I roll it and stand it for day or two in my basement (or call it recreational room) to remove any remaining moisture, then I put it in the bag.
People who sail in salty water do not need to do it as salt protects from mold.
If you have a garage, you can also hang the sail on two racks, the way I do it outside. Or even use 2 old mast pieces and suspend them from the ceiling. Then you can feed the sail over these pierces and you will have the same effect (no part touching each other)
I guess there are unlimited ways to dry the sails. 

I think Don L mentioned that some manufacturer sails and bags maybe more prone to mold then others.

I just have that philosophy: "If you take a good care of your gear, your gear will take a good care of you on the water and bonus: will last longer".

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