Ways to clean and dry your sail: continuation of: Packing up in the rain


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On Mon, Sep 27, 2021 at 11:15 PM, Marek Skoczylas wrote:
Couple of quick and hopefully brief tips from my arsenal:
1. In Summer when the grass is green and clean - I roll my sails on it - no extra precautions
2. In Fall, Winter & Spring when most rigging area are a mud pit - I derig, roll the sail loosely then toss it to the lake at waist deep and unroll and roll it again - this way I am having a clean sail - this way mono-film is not being scraped by dirt, sand etc - in particular risk when you roll it tight
3. In the  car I am having a long plastic containers on one side of the car - like people use for storage under their beds - water from sail boom mast only drips into them - car is not exposed to dripping water, I use smaller plastic containers for the rest of the wet gear,
4. At home - I attached a long poles to a taller rack and a sorter rack, Those racks are secured to the house western wall with ropes (no wind will knock them down) - I dry the sail under roof overhang until midday next day - sail is hanging on those two horizontal poles - this way it is dry by noon while never exposed to direct sunlight - you can also use your northern wall then no issue with direct sunlight or dry sails in the garage using some racks
5. Wetsuit, boots, etc go into washing machine after every session, boots are dried with a small fan in the garage overnight while wetsuits after they stop dripping are hang on a rack over floor air vent - drying inside and outside - I have 2 tubes inserted in the leg sleeves therefore there is extra flow inside the wetsuit
Yesterday was a "change of the seasons". Marsh Park grass is no longer "green and clean". They aerated it poking holes in the grass and leaving the plugs on top + rain = dirty sail.
Therefore I am back to tossing my sails into the lake and cleaning / rinsing them that way after derigging.

When it comes to coming back home to dry the sail, use your creativity or ingenuity.

Here is a "visual" how I dry my sails (as per previous description):

As you can see long PVC pipes or long wooden poles do the job, some can be used telescopic like my front one (to accommodate variety of sail sizes).

You may wonder: "Would it still work when it is raining ?"
Sail is under roof overhang BUT even if it is raining with the wind from the side, "there ia an app for that" :)

Tarp may be wet but the sail is drying under it anyway just by sufficient airflow from sides.
All secured with ropes to the house.

Any solution does not have to be "beautiful", it just needs to be "functional" and "practical". 

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