Re: Wanted: RDM Wave mast #wanted

Mark Dix

Hi David,
The catamaran is a Tornado, as shown in this video:
New rig (sport) Tornados use a gennaker (asymmetrical spinnaker) that requires a gennaker pole (bowsprit).  I sometimes anchor my Tornado, and my anchor line runs thru a block that hangs from the forward end of the pole.  The boat weathervanes nicely at anchor when the anchor line runs thru a point so far forward of the hulls.  However, I anchored in high winds and waves once, and the heaving of the boat caused the original gennaker pole to bend down too far, and break.  Anchoring loads in big waves are much higher and in a direction where the pole is not well supported by the rigging of the boat.  I wanted to try a pole made from an RDM wave mast which is much stronger and more durable compared to the original pole, which was made from a crappy old windsurf mast that the previous owner of the boat installed.  It was fine for normal sailing, but not good enough for anchoring.  I'll need to add hardware to the pole to make the connection to the main beam, and standing and running rigging of the boat.  As Eric commented, catamarans (particularly the Tornado), are real high performance machines.  However, they are much, much bigger, more complicated, and more time consuming to rig and launch, compared to a simple windsurfer.  Hence, I don't get to use my boat as nearly as often as I'd like to.  This morning I SUP paddled past the sailboat docks of the UW in Seattle.  It was sad to see a variety of neglected old beach cats that were probably donated to the U by people who weren't using them.  They still aren't being used, and most were half sunk.  ;-(

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