Re: Seattle Swap Meet, Clinic & N Lake Criss-Cross!


Hi Glenn,
I was thinking to keep the Seattle swap meet away from the popular times of the gorge swap meets. So if it was early September then it would be close to the swap meet in the gorge, perhaps that doesn't matter. Parking will be a little more challenging at the swim beach by late morning in September. However, we could definitely try early to September next year...the amount of gear there was relatively small compared to the spring swap meet - so perhaps a once a year even might be worth considering also.
I think the windsurfing clinics could be something I/we could tailor to individuals/groups separately throughout the summer or autumn (on the better days).

My thought on the winduro is perhaps an option that is less hardcore (does not have an island to circumnavigate/block wind/bridges to avoid might be great for the more risk averse or not as supremely fit windsurfers in the area to enjoy. Possible the course used this weekend?


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