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Glenn Reichenbach

Thanks to Darren and Greg and Alan for planning this event.  Great idea and it turned out to be a great beach for launching into the strong wind in the afternoon.  I would have preferred less or no rain but derigging in wet conditions builds character and only makes us stronger.  This beach should become our preferred winter spot for windsurf foiling.  The kiters and wingers can just stay over at the beach south of the boat launch and this could be our place to get away from them.

That said I would like to warn anyone with a foil that there is a post or rock or something about 2 feet below the surface roughly between the spot we were launching near the bushes towards the floating platform at the swim beach.  I kicked it with my foot when I was swimming back in with my gear (foil up) back to the beach.  So if you launch there be careful to swim out a few strokes to the east or SE to get away from the shore to deeper water and then flip your foil down and do not drift too far downwind (with south wind) back towards the swim beach and floating platform.  When I go back to this beach again I will try to remember to bring a rope and a cement block anchor and a floating gallon size jug to mark the hazard so that in the future it will be easier to remember where the hazard is.

Some of us were thinking that Saturday had a good forecast for a possible Winduro.  There was good southerly wind late morning and most of the afternoon.  I would propose that in future years we do not plan any events that might interfere with a possible Winduro weekend day in the month of October.  September would potentially be a better month to do this swap meet/clinic event next year.  September typically has warmer temperatures and dryer weather and less wind that would be less likely to interfere with the clinic.

--Glenn R.

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It was a great & successful Saturday at the Magnuson Swim Beach Launch. 

A Swap Meet, or Clinic, or Race... needs some space for the participants to focus (a little:) And we had that, in a perfect setting!
The forecast was also mostly accurate. Dry, cloudy weather for most the day, gave us lots of dry grass to check out gear, rig sails, & visit. It did start raining, mid - late afternoon, which was also forecast. But most folks were gone or packed up by then.

The wind forecast was also right-on, today. Very light, early morning - building S-ish wind through the morning - planeable by noon - windy, rest the day. That afternoon wind speed was the only part of the forecast that was a bit off. However it was off in a positive direction, so can't really complain :)
Darren asked if it was really gusty all afternoon. And I'd say "no". It built gradually & then stayed in the 20-25 range, I think. But lots of our group was off the water, for most of that!

I didn't make the early morning Swap Meet part (arriving at 11) but I heard there was a decent crowd - with good visiting happening... & some great buying & selling!

Darren was there & ready to offer some clinic tips he picked up in the summer, re: board & sail handling exercises.
"Thank you Darren!"
But the wind was building & blowing by 11... and people were rigging & anxious to get out there. So the clinic didn't really happen. 
(For wind starved Seattle-ites, the best clinics happen when there's almost no wind :)

A lot of people were out sailing by noon, planing & flying in 10-16 mph wind. Alan & I had decided, a 12:30 start time looked good for the 'North Lake Criss-Cross' fun race event". We tried to convey that to as many as possible, but with people out sailing all over, we couldn't do a complete job.

I started the NLCC at 12:33 with Windsurfer LT & 9.8m Aerotech 4 cam race sail.
I probably had 'that 10-16 wind' most of the way from the start, downwind to Denny Park, & halfway back. But I could tell it was gradually building. (Note - it was already windier... upwind at the Boat Launch.)
Anyway half way back upwind to the finish, it built to 15-20 mph wind.
Then... there was a gust over 20 before I got back, which back-winded the 9.8 & slammed me down into the water. But then it dropped back just below 20, I waterstarted & got back to the finish line.
1 hr 5 min was my round trip time, measured from a spot near the buoy & swim raft.

At the finish, I wasn't actually cold or tired yet... & I wanted to test the W LT in the stronger wind. It was definitely in the 15-25 mph range I thought. So I did a few beam reaches BAF back and forth to Kirkland & I had lots of 18-22 mph cruising!
But in the 25mph gusts, I was still getting back-winded & body slammed into the lake.
Waterstarting & being over-powered with the 9.8 wore me out & I was happy to land back at the swim beach.
Alan was flying in my area with a 4.7 during this time. And Jonathan was flying with a 3.7 then too, but he was more upwind by the boat launch.

It was a very fun time, with lots of people throughout the day & gear moved from one garage to another... & a new race course tried-out!

Thanks for all the participation on such short notice!
Greg :)

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That seems very fun! Thanks guys for organizing this. I'll be part of the race :)

On Fri, Oct 8, 2021, 6:56 PM Alan Allegret <alanallegret@...> wrote:
If it helps at all, and to illustrate what we have in mind, you can find attached the Gold fleet route (in red) and the Silver fleet route (in white).
Of course those assume the wind is a straight Southerly. But like Greg said, your exact route will greatly depend on: specific wind direction, gear used, wind speed, & skill... But you know, it gives an idea!

Looking forward to tomorrow!

On Fri, Oct 8, 2021, 3:25 PM Greg Mejlaender <gregnw44@...> wrote:
A brand-new fun-race event... that Alan & I kinda dreamed up:)
The first annual - North Lake Criss-Cross !!!
Launch from Magnuson Park with a S-ish wind and Criss-Cross your way, from shore to shore at specific spots, downwind, jibing all the way to OO Denny Park.
Then from Denny Park, upwind, sailors' choice, tack wherever you want, finish back at Magnuson Park!

Several forecasts suggest tomorrow afternoon the N lake area will have 10-20 mph S-ish wind. But don't go by me, make your own predictions. 

Specific info & details -
This event will be 'kind of a race deal'... meaning we'll all start at about the same time - from the 'slight & subtle point' that sticks out from Magnuson Park, between the Swim Beach & the Boat Launch (very close to where the swap meet & clinic are tomorrow). (Visible in the pic)
We will sail a broad reach across the lake, to the Waverly Park Pier - try to make your jibe within approx 30-60 meters from the pier (there isn't a buoy). (Visible in the pic)
Then sail back across the lake to the Sail Sand Point area & jibe around a fixed buoy that is out off the SSP pier (it's quite a way from the beach & not much wind shadow). (Visible in the pic)
Then sail broad reaches or downwind (whatever) all the way back across the lake again... and jibe around the fixed shore marker buoy that's off the south shore of Denny Park. (Almost visible in the pic)
After jibing around that buoy at the south end of Denny Park, we will sail upwind doing close reaches & tacks wherever you want... working your way back upwind to where we started near the Magnuson Swim beach!
*PLEASE see the 3 pics I'm including with the exact spots to jibe*

Please keep track of your time & report that back to me or post it to NW-windtalk. 
It would also be fun to compare GPS tracks - so if you're the type to carry a cell ph in a water-proof bag & have Strava on your ph... then, we can all see each other's exact route!

THIS is kind of freestyle fun, meaning the exact route you take from 'spot to spot' is up to you & will depend on the exact wind direction. Will it be a SE or S or SW wind? One thing is likely, it'll probably shift around some through the afternoon. So pay attention and use your judgement & experience. You do have to get to each specific jibe location, going downwind between Magnuson & Denny! 
But going upwind, it's your choice of routes - what's most efficient for you, to get back upwind, from Denny to Magnuson?

Gear & equipment. If we really do have S-ish wind from 10-20 mph all afternoon, then almost any windsurf board will work, from longboards to big shortboards, from windfoil boards to FW formula windsurfboards. This will also be great for kites & Wing-foilers!

This course is WAY easier than the Winduro - cause there will be more pure reaching... & no bridges to go under... & no huge wind shadow like Mercer Island (only a small subtle wind shadow, with S-ish wind near the SSP area). But 90% of this course is all wide-open lake sailing... no currents like the Gorge or Puget Sound... and there will be a few boats for sure, but WAY less than June - August !!!

Everyone should (must) wear a PFD life jacket. And ALWAYS stay with your board if anything bad happens. You're on your own, be smart & take care of yourself. Don't come crying to me if your mast breaks in the middle of the lake... and I won't come crying to you when my mast breaks (been there done that:)

Gold Fleet - should be more experienced sailors, who have good skills sailing in the Lake in wind up to 20 (or whatever it is when you're out there). And they should have the fitness and gear to make it through this long course (again, it's much shorter & way easier than the Winduro). 
There's no pressure, you're in-charge of you. Turn around & sail back upwind to the swim beach anytime you want, if you don't have complete confidence in your ability to continue!

Silver Fleet - should be less experienced sailors, or people who just want to 'try this out' without attempting the whole thing. If you're in Silver Fleet, you can launch with Gold Fleet & just sail part way out in the lake & back. Or you can try to make it to Waverly & then straight back to Magnuson. Or you could keep going from Waverly to SSP, but then forget the long leg to Denny & sail back to the Swim Beach from SSP.
ALL of these Silver Fleet options are very worthy and cool:)
It's important to keep track of where you are... keep watching upwind to see what's coming at you (is it getting windier or lighter?). Don't get too tired, you need plenty of endurance to sail back upwind to the Magnuson swim beach!

The 'North Lake Criss-Cross race event' is starting after the swap meet & clinic... likely sometime between 12 & 1:00.

PS - Any questions or comments... I'll try to get to them later!

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Tomorrow, Saturday Oct 8 - 
Magnuson Park, big grassy area between the Swim Beach at the access road (which is where you'll be parking).

Swap Meet on, the big gras area, between 8-ish or 9-ish for a few hours... depending on seller & buyer activity.
Lots of flat-ish... grassy... area to lay out your gear - rig sails, examine boards (with no damage to either).

Clinic from Darren approx 11-ish - He's already a VERY experienced shortboard sailor, freestyler, high & low wind tricks... and he's done some racing... But now he's also attended last summer's Gorge ABK Camp with Andy Brandt... so he has fresh new techniques and drills to share... which will help your sail & board handling. Great info for experts to novices:)

North Lake Criss-Cross Event - starting approx between 12 & 1.
More about this shortly !!!


PS - Bring lots of clothes... water... food. And I "think" the bathrooms are open there, but I don't know for sure. 


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