Re: Friday SW plans?

Greg Mejlaender

Well said John T (below)... very well said indeed !!!

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Was out at Maggie from 10-12.  A little underpowered on 5.7, i84, AirBolt 120 but very enjoyable.

To date the lions share of my sailing has been say no to 5.0 Gorge days and Florida waves on the Atlantic coast.  At 190-200 lbs I always have erred on the side of too much sail as I would rather be holding on in the gusts than schloging.  

With my limited foiling this year the set-up I have I am finding just the oposite.  Much more fun to be slightly underpowered at times and pumping onto a plane rather that getting an overpowered rodeo ride.

Off to the Gorge!

John T.

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