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Louis Lafreniere

I hear you Don! I actually managed foil through a gibe yesterday and sail away switch for the first time. I sailed for a few minutes that way, but I'm so stiff that I had a hard time keeping the wing sheeted in without going downwind at the same time. I have no problem going heal side in both direction, doing s-turns on swells, etc. It's become easy, but gibing has been very hard to learn. Switching feet feels impossible. I don't think sailing switch will be a thing for me however unless I start yoga, so my plan is to master gibing to toe-side and then work on the foot switch.

-- Louis

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I winged at Newcastle from about noon to 2:00.  5.0m2 wing, very gusty.
Bruce and Steve wind-foiled. They looked relaxed and dry.

Today was a typical followup to a "break through" session.  On Sunday, steady N wind and swivel hips, I really felt like I was getting a handle on things.  Today I was terrible. I foiled out, I pearled, I ...  still had fun, but a bit frustrating.

I'm struggling with toe side.  Probably should practice on the beach, but nooo. I can get through a jibe, but crash when trying to jibe the wing toe side. This is easier for kiters since toe side is frequent behavior for twin tip kiters. Windsurfing freestylers would probably also find this easy.

Solution - switch feet before the jibe.  Don: "Okay feet let's switch stance". Feet: "No".  Don:"Come on, switch feet, back foot and then front".  Feet: "Ain't doing it". Don:"Do it now!". Swimming. Feet:"Told ya"

I'll get it, but it would be easier with steadier wind. Warmer water would be nice too.

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