Re: Windfoil report - Dyes inlet

Rick Martin

In my experience, 26.9 mph on the i76 is, well, pretty much only doable in front of a bad crash, like you had.  My best speed on the i76 was a year ago in Florida.  It was 22 mph, and it was major scary.  I did not crash that time, but I was within microseconds of doing so.

I think really good foilers can make mid to upper 20s on that beast, but that does not include me.


On Wed, Apr 7, 2021 at 7:29 PM John Bouck <john@...> wrote:
Ever place an order for something but leave out that one critical detail? 

I asked for wind around 15 mph on a day that I had off and next thing I know the forecast is beautiful with all models agreeing. Thank you gods of the winds. I neglected to include the concept of steady wind in my heartfelt pleas.  Still, thank you gods - but please do better.

Average wind speed was about 18 but I don't think it ever stayed at this level, it was only passing through on it's way to something tiring or terrifying.  31.7 showed up on the wind graph along with 25+'s, also experienced 5-7 mph.

Interestingly, I had thought that the i76 foil had a top speed of low 20's.  Turns out I can get up to 26.9 on that sucker - followed shortly by a fully hooked in crash that required a few moments to go through my mental checklist which I haven't had to use since I was 20 years younger and vastly more foolish (breath - check, finger movement - check, toe movement - check...).

112 L board, 4.5 M sail was way too much or too little.  Mostly too much.  Got much better at managing gusts when overpowered - also starting to briefly enjoy the small and turny characteristics of the board.  Still dorking around with moving things an inch here or there, realized that harness line length is something else that is going to be different on the foil board.  More dorking required.

Forecast for Cline Spit looks good for tomorrow so I will pay homage to the wind gods again (beer is involved) and sleep with my lucky socks on. I also can't reach that low on my body at the moment so the socks are not really an option to remove.

John B.

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