North Lk Wa 4/07/21 out of OO Denny - Report


As the forecast was for gusts up to 30mph and wide spread whitecaps when I arrived at OO Denny before noon, I decided to use smaller sail:
My modified "regular setup":  Gear: 7.5m Severne, Gator, SB Go 180L, SB Free Ride Wing 1100/115++/225(-2) shim -0.5.
I did sail between: OO Denny, Mathews, SSP Maggie, & Waverly.
Wind between Maggie & Waverly was stronger, more steady, less shifty but the swell was big and for my 75cm mast it was quite a workout therefore I only went there from time to time.
Wind between SSP, Mathews, OO Denny and Champaign Point was very gusty from 0 and often gusting to 25mph. It was very shifty.

Have a look at graph comparison (both shifting direction and also how much at SSP it was up and down):



After 5+ hours I decided that 40 miles in such an up down wind with all the shifts is enough for one day.
Max speed: 19.4mph.
BTW, I had extra 1 mile - I started my GPS watch recoding North of Mathews Beach.

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