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Bari Bookout

Muddier parks than normal in my neighborhood this year.   The crows are roto-tilling the earth searching for chafer beetle grubs.  I’ve seen flocks of a hundred or more busily turning up chunks of soil in parks where I launch. I got really curious about what they were searching for and found this article, with pictures   

On Jan 13, 2021, at 9:10 AM, Darius Lajauskas <dariuslajauskas@...> wrote:

Was yesterday at OO Denny. N end of park, no issues with mud.


On Wed, Jan 13, 2021, 8:46 AM Marek Skoczylas <amskoczylas@...> wrote:
I will try to be brief.

Sloping, higher/lower ground, high/low foot traffic:
I can definitely find better rigging area at Coulon than Waverly: criteria - less dirt or mud on your gear.
Because if you rig near asphalt path, the area is higher ground and sloping towards the lake. Comparing to rigging area at Waverly near Lower Parking Lot (high foot traffic, less sloping).
I am sure you can find spots that will be opposite.

Use Tarp or rinse your gear in the Lake
Coulon is so nice because still if the gear is not clean enough for Your Standard, you can take few steps back to the lake and unroll your sail in the water and roll it back after hand wash of dirty places.
That is what I did last time: Board, boom, sail.
Then you put it against your car so the water drips down and when you put it in the car is "semi dry".
In the past when I was going more to OO Denny and was muddy I used a tarp or two tarps. Rigged sail and derig on tarps.

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