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Jim Schmitt

“What am I missing ? “ said Don about drysuits, immersion in cold water , etc. 
Well I couldn’t help myself. Forgive me, but the thought immediately popped into my mind-“ 6 months in Maui “ 


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Kokatat... or Ocean Rodeo... ya can't go too wrong choosing one of those. 
Greg :)

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From: Don Ledford <don.ledford@...>
Date: 10/23/20 8:51 PM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: [nw-windtalk] Suitable Drysuits

Bruce and I got an afternoon session at Newcastle today and I wore my
Promotion baggy top suit for the first time this season.

I got some rides and was on the West side of the channel when the wind
dropped and even went a bit Easterly. When the wind dies slogging isn't
an option when winging (at least not at my level) and a long paddle
ensued. It's pretty easy to prone paddle my board, but it took a long
time with period rests to get back to the launch.  This was an unusual
amount of submersion for my Promotion drysuit. I was warm enough, but
entirely wet by the time I got back.

So - I'm rethinking the suit.  I like the idea of a drysuit for winter
winging, but want to stay a bit drier.  Since I don't like latex neck
seals, but some of the newer neoprene seals look decent.

Here's my feature list:
   1) Front zip
   2) Neoprene seals (those on my Promotion suit are not adequate, but
better ones exist)
   3) Internal suspenders
   4) Attached socks

There are a bunch of suits aimed at dingy sailors which look the part.
Pricing around $500.

What am I missing?

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