Re: No wind - No wave power, you still want to go hydrofoiling ? Exploring the Options.

Dan Nomura

Never came up much but went out did some tacks and jibes for the first time in years. Was a hoot!! Time to take out the checkbook so I can get caught up on the newest trends!! 
Good to see you again

On Aug 1, 2020, at 7:17 AM, Dan Mahar <mahar99@...> wrote:

I’m a dedicated high wind windsurfer. But on low wind days I got into playing with electric SUPs. Over the years it turned into a business. 

I build custom eSUPs that do about 5 mph and maneuver really well. They are not foils but provide plenty of enjoyment for those non foiling/planing days. The typical setup is:

11’ 6” x 30” SUP board
330 watt hour lithium battery
300 watt continuous motor power
9.5 lb for the electric drive + 28 lb for board
Easy to carry and rig at the beach
$2000 for full setup with board

I give free on the water demos and for my NW Wind friends I’d offer an awesome free tour from Bowman Bay at Deception Pass. Give me a call and we’ll put it on the calendar. 

Aloha from Dan
Firefly SUP Drives
Anacortes WA

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