Re: Scooteney--Three More Pics

Rick Martin

OK, Mike, directions from Spokane.

Scooteney.  At Ritzville head south on 395.  Exit at Connell.  Go west on highway 260 for 11 miles.  At the intersection with highway 17, turn right--northbound.  Go about 3 miles, then turn left at the big brown "Scooteney Park" sign.  When you come to a T you can go left and around to a gravel parking lot, where you can rig and launch for WNW around to E winds.  No grass on this side.  If you go right at the T, you come into the main park.  Go left into the day use area.  Rig on grass and launch.  I prefer the spot st the end of the pavement next to the bathroom where the launch is east of the swimming beach, but this launch can get weedy.  You can also rig and launch to the west of the swimming beach, but the gear carry is a bit farther.  You can see what you prefer.  Any weeds are close in, so you can slog out to deeper water and de-weed your foil.  Average depth in the main pool is about 20'.  Very very user friendly.  Interpolate iWindsurf sensors at Potholes South, Othello airport, and Connell to get winds.

Charbonneau.  At Ritzville head south on 395.  When you get to Pasco, exit to the right and proceed eastbound on I-182, which becomes highway 12, direction toward Walla Walla.  After you cross over the Snake River bridge, take the exit onto highway 124, north and east direction to Waitsburg.  Go 7 miles and turn left at a brown sign "Charbonneau Park."  Down the hill, through the little neighborhood, and into the park.  Rig on the grass and pull your gear through the little swimming beach.then launch outside the floats.  About chest deep.  No detectable current since you are about a mile upstream of Ice Harbor dam.  User friendly.  Interpret iWinsurf sensors at Legro and Juniper Dunes to get winds.  Also, there is a nice very accurate reporting station on the Ice Harbor dam at

Port Kelley.  At Ritzville head south on 395.  When you get to Pasco, exit to the right and proceed eastbound on I-182, which becomes highway 12, direction toward Walla Walla. When you come to the junction with highway 730 go right direction to Hermiston.  Go about 2 miles.  You will see a marina and big grain elevator.  Just past the grain elevator turn in and go about 100 yards.  The rig and launch is down next to the water on your left.  You can drive the little driveway just past the weigh station and park down in there.  Rig and launch right there.  The river is exactly one mile wide here.  It has some normal 1-2 mph current, and the chop can build when it is windy.  Note that the launch "window" is about 40 yards wide straight out from the gravel beach.  Both left and right are rocky shallows that just love to scratch up expensive foils. If you stay in the middle of the "window," and launch and land at a 90 degree angle to the gravel beach, it's fine.  At about 50 yards out, it's deep river.  Somebody once built a driftwood shelter, which makes a great target for coming in.  Easy to see and aim at.  There is a subscription iWindsurf sensor on top of the weigh station.

Let me know when you want to come down.  I will also try to let you know when I head out to those places.

I really like Roosevelt, 3-Mile, and Arlington, but all those are about double the drive time from Tri-Cities compared to the above three spots.



On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 5:28 PM AstroMike ( Spokane ) <mikestephens-milkeycorp@...> wrote:
Hi Rick & glad you guys had a real good time.
I'm starting to think about going to Scooteney ( and maybe Charbonneau and Port Kelley, too which I have never been at all three ).
would appreciate any info on where exactly we go to each, things to be aware of ( I'm Intermediate windsurfer ) , etc..
I'm hoping my favorite spot Roosevelt will open for overnight camping soon but looking for alternatives until then. tnx! AstroMike

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