Re: City League this week?

Don Ledford

On 5/22/20 8:29 AM, Greg Mejlaender wrote:
Don, 10 - 20 this evening at Newcastle for City League?

I haven't looked at new info for today yet... but that'd be some epic sailing between 6 and 8:30.
There's a convergence setup so it's very hard to tell.,-121.858,10,m:eYracLv

At 5:00PM ECMWF is showing 9-27, NAM is showing 9-13, and GFS is showing 5-10.

At 7:00PM ECMWF is showing 2-20, NAM: 7-12, and GFS: 1-9

I've found ECMWF to be the most accurate.

This isn't your typical convergence. The wind doesn't shift to North, it just drops and shifts more Easterly. It's more of an Olympic shadow than a classic convergence.

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