News from Florida

Rick Martin

Well, tomorrow is the beginning of a stay-home lockdown in the Tampa Bay area, specifically Pinellas County where we are.  Other nearby counties have not acted, but they probably will follow suit.

There is a list of permitted activities.  Not too bad.  Among other things, you can get out and get exercise.  I have no trouble counting windsurfing/windfoiling as exercise.  Today it certainly was.  Besides, it's the ultimate social distancing.

Also, they are leaving boat ramps and marinas open.  I think this means that they accept boating/fishing as social distancing.  However, beaches are anathema and are all closed.  Barricaded and locked up.  Until April 6.

So, this combination of things means we can still get out onto the water for TOW and TOF.  The selection of sites is reduced, to be sure, but we still have a few spots that are not beaches.

Lake Seminole county park is just a park with boat launch, no beach, but good rigging and launch.  In south and SW winds I will be able to launch from there, like I did today.  Scenic View in SE around to NE winds should still be OK, according to Britt.

However, the Dunedin Causeway, Sunset Beach, and Fred Howard are all classic beaches and are already closed.

Tinho told me Kelly Park on Merritt Island is still open, at least for now.

We'll get through this.  The CDC has stopped saying, "Stop the spread" and are now saying, "Slow the spread."  Read between the lines on that one.

Let's all hit the water and stay away from the rest of the world.


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