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Michal Prussak

I doubt this Saturday will work well. Or I should say, well enough for the 20+ winds. Here is the iWindsurf Pro forecast:

Sat, Sep 14 2019

Another frontal boundary approaches and moves into the area by late in the day. SW winds fade in the morning then pick up again as the front approaches. Clouds and showers increase during the late afternoon making for gusty winds.

Bottom Line: Purdy SSW low teens. Lake Washington and Golden Gardens SW faint low/mid-teens late. Jetty Island and Marrowstone S mid-teens. Boundary Bay and Bellingham S/SSE mid/upper teens. Squamish sees afternoon SW solid low/mid 20s.

NOAA is showing 14 mph on the big pond.

I need to decide today what to commit to on the weekend. Based on this forecast, it won't be the Winduro.

On Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 3:01 AM Greg Mejlaender <gregnw44@...> wrote:
Thanks Plamen for the advance notice on Mon - that this Sat "might" be a good Winduro Day!
And thanks Emmett for the screen shot of the Sat wind forecast.
As of overnight Tue into Wed... I still don't see any good info from NOAA or the mm5 maps, regarding "very good wind" for Sat.

But I see the iWindsurf free forecast on the "7 day detailed forecast" is showing decent wind for Sat. The direction is SW all day, and the wind speed from about 10am - 5pm is about 10-20 mph wind. If "that" really happened, it'd be fine. But will THAT happen?

My question is - Can all you who have experience using this iW 7 day forecast chime in with it's reliability??
Specifically, all you who use this 7 day forecast - what % of time it is correct? 
I've never used it... so would appreciate any data. Greg:)

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Definitely too early to tell... forecast for Rainier Beach.

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