Re: WINDURO 2019

Greg Mejlaender

Thanks Plamen for the advance notice on Mon - that this Sat "might" be a good Winduro Day!
And thanks Emmett for the screen shot of the Sat wind forecast.
As of overnight Tue into Wed... I still don't see any good info from NOAA or the mm5 maps, regarding "very good wind" for Sat.

But I see the iWindsurf free forecast on the "7 day detailed forecast" is showing decent wind for Sat. The direction is SW all day, and the wind speed from about 10am - 5pm is about 10-20 mph wind. If "that" really happened, it'd be fine. But will THAT happen?

My question is - Can all you who have experience using this iW 7 day forecast chime in with it's reliability??
Specifically, all you who use this 7 day forecast - what % of time it is correct? 
I've never used it... so would appreciate any data. Greg:)

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Definitely too early to tell... forecast for Rainier Beach.

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