Re: Just uploaded 2 Superlight vs Megacat videos. 😀

Greg Mejlaender

Great energy, ambition and enthusiasm Jonathan... for you effort and time to make these videos!!

And yes, your results between a Div 1 board (80's Superlight 1) and a Raceboard (90's Mega Cat) is exactly correct.
In light wind (I'd say wind from 1-12mph) a Div 1 board is faster than a Raceboard. And a Div 2 board is even faster in those light winds.
And in marginal wind (like 10-18 mph) all 3 board designs will be pretty equal.
But in higher wind (like 15-25 mph) the raceboard will be faster and much easier to sail, compared to the other 2 designs.
Note - I could be off by a slight amount regarding precise wind speed... but it's pretty close, and there are many MANY variables!
Anyway, these facts are well known by people all around the world doing longboard racing in the late 80's through the mid 90's.

However from a practical standpoint, I've always promoted Raceboard class boards (Equipe, Mega Cat, Lightening, Bamba, etc.) - as the most all round, high performance, easy to sail, biggest wind range - windsurf board design!!
Raceboard designs matured when windsurfing matured - in the early to mid 90's. These boards were very high quality - light, stiff, strong, durable enough, but expensive. And they had great components - excellent mast-tracks, mastbases, mast extension, footstraps, retractable daggerboards, very good fins, etc. Equal to most anything today.

But Div 1 boards (Superlight 1 and many others) and Div 2 boards (Crit and many others)... were primarily designed and built all through the 80's. They had excellent shapes for gliding "fast" through the water in light wind. But on average, they weren't as good as 90's boards, cause the sport was so new! Meaning the board shapes were very efficient in light wind, but they didn't have construction methods nailed down very well... and components like mast-tracks, foot-straps, daggerboards, fins were not developed anywhere near as good as 90's boards. And the boards that had very rounded bottoms were much tougher to learn to sail on, compared to the flat bottomed raceboards.
Raceboard class boards have planning bottoms - flat-ish bottoms with full hard rails. And these are easier to sail on, than rounded bottom boards. But they're not as fast in very light wind.

Anyway, of all the MANY windsurf brands back then... Mistral was always the best, they had the best quality and came up with more features which would become mainstream in the 90's.
So yes, a mid 80's Mistral Superlight 1, is a very good board.... and with a good sailor and light wind... that board would win many local light wind races.
But raceboards are more all round and versatile... because they're easier to sail... and they're MUCH better in planning conditions... and they come with excellent components that someone these days would never need to upgrade.

That's why a raceboard is so easy, and versatile, and effective in the windy Winduro. They're almost as fast in very light wind as Div 1 and Div 2 boards... but easier to sail. And better and easier in high wind. And again, for most people it's the high quality modern components that raceboards have that makes them so user friendly. Where the 80's boards mostly have broken of missing components... or take "work" to keep them in good shape.

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I uploaded a light wind showdown video.

& a measurments / deep thoughts video.

My test was done with a 11.7m and me being 165 lbs.  There was almost no waves.  Any one of these variables could change how well eather of these boards do.

In short the Superlight is about .5 mph faster from 2-15 mph.  I was very surprised that the 100% stock superlight was faster at 14.36 mph.  After a bunch of compairing and thinking I figured out why the Superlight is faster at that speed.  

I was predicting the Megacat would start being faster at about 12 mph.  Now I am thinking it will be equal at about 18-20 mph then the Megacat will pull ahead.  In chop the Megacat should start to be faster in a lower board speed.

I think the Megacat is more universal and still great in light wind.  The way the Superlight moves through the water is rewarding and different.  For a bump in speed for light wind and a smooth flowing, quiet board, it is definitely worth owning one.  For now I am planning on doing quick / afforable mods to the Superlight.  Maybe in spring I will go all out?  😄

See ya on the water.  🙂


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