Re: Some Gorge sailing last weekend #maryhill #celilo #helmetcam

Darius Lajauskas

Does it feel heavy on helmet, does motors transfer noise? How did you mount it? Any pic.

I have regular feiyu gimbal, love it, so smooth, you can run, jump stays rock solid.



On Thu, Jun 28, 2018, 8:31 AM Greg Mejlaender <gregnw44@...> wrote:
Very cool... this stuff just keeps getting better... and more convenient... amazing technology!!
Thanks :)

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Subject: Re: [nw-windtalk] Some Gorge sailing last weekend #Maryhill #Celilo #helmetcam
GoPro Hero 6 with stabilization turned on. Mounted on a helmet. I have a remote on my right wrist. I also use a feiyu-tech WG2 gimbal for mountain biking to get really smooth video. I may try that next time I sail.

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