Re: City League #9 Wed June 27th

Greg Mejlaender

NO WIND for the 2018 City League Series Finale'  :(

Many of use were fooled by the forecasts we saw... actually, we weren't fooled... the forecasts were just wrong!
The staff at Sail Sandpoint was as disappointed at the inaccurate forecast, as we were. With hope and optimism, they set a nice course for us, as we all expected the forecasted N wind to develop. But it never did... all we got all "late afternoon and evening" was very light and variable wind, which means from all different directions. We had light 1-2 mph breezes from the E and W, but just as much time, we had dead calm.
I think there was only 2 City League nights this season with no sailing / racing... out of 9 Wed race days. That's pretty good... it's about average... we've definitely had worse years.

Anyway we all were rigged and ready... but only a few went out to glide around in the light and variable breeze. Andrew, DanO, Bari... and a couple SSP students. Me, Frank, Jonathan, Mike spent all the time sitting and chatting.

But the BBQ was AWESOME !!!
This was our first time doing this. City League has been running continuously for about 40 years (I've been involved in it for 31 years)... and we've never had a BBQ at the race site before. 
(Back in the day, after many race days at Magnuson, we'd all go meet somewhere for an "after sailing meet-up"... but we never had a "party"at the beach before.)
So, "Thanks to SSP" for supplying the nice gas grill and also hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, condiments, and a lot of the extras!!!
We brought some salads, chips, brownies, cookies, and assorted beverages!!
It all worked out great... the only thing that would've made it better... was if we'd had wind and warm sunshine and twice as many people.
Thanks for the support and participation from everyone for the 2018 City League windsurfing race series.
See you next year,
Greg :)

PS - We've talked with SSP about continuing some summer Wed evening racing... and YES, they will do it !!!
So here's the plan. NO RACING next Wed as it's the Fourth of July and many people will have other plans.

However the Sail Sand Point Summer Series (SSPSS :) can start up for the Wed evenings for the rest of July and Aug.
July 11,18, 25, and Aug 1, 8, 15, 22, 29. Summer time thermal northerly's can be very reliable at SSP. They will set courses for us... the small $5 fee will continue (it costs that much to park at other places). 
However another Windtalk member will have to take over the race invites and posts... I won't be able to do it regularly. I can attend about half the SSPSS, but I'm out of town for many of them, so someone else will need to be the "cheerleader" and contact person for SSP. We can also do more BBQ's there... someone just has to step up and organize them.
I think Andrew can do many of them... but he will need help, from - MikeB, Gus, Jonathan, Darius, Bari, DanO, BrianC, Frank, and anyone willing to help :)

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