Re: Some Gorge sailing last weekend #maryhill #celilo #helmetcam

Greg Mejlaender

Great little vids... very nice sailing!!

Is that a new camera, with new settings?  This vid seems to show the terrain (size of the swell, chop, steep ramps) better than some cameras, or maybe all older cams.

Anyway THAT is some choppy water, with lots of big swell and steep ramps. Of course, it's been a while since I've been out east on a 30 mph day (some of these clips were about 30 mph wind, weren't they?). So maybe all average, good, Gorge days out east look like this... and I've just forgotten cause it's been so long, haha!
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First time sailing after a 643 day layoff. Don't fall off ladders... 
Celilo - Power Jibe

Maryhill - Playing on the swell

Celilo - Chasin' Mark

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