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Greg Mejlaender

I'm bringing corn chips because they said they already had salsa there. And some cookies and brownies. And the biggest thing I'm bringing is a veggie tray because hey we need some healthy food there!

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I’ll pickup water bottles and another bag of chips.  What kind of chips are you bringing Greg?

Dan O

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Wind looks good for racing / sailing at SSP this evening. I expect 10-ish N wind, starting about 5 and going till dark.
We won't waste time today, most of us should be used to sharing the small sail rigging area there, by now. So please rig quickly then move your gear to the water. Leave the small grass and carpet for the next person who needs to rig their sail.

Skipper's meeting about 5:30 - first race starting about 6 pm. I don't think we'll have to wait for a breeze like other days, so we will get going!
We'll only race till about 7:30 today... cause we need to come in and get the grill started. SSP is providing the grill and the items I mentioned yesterday, but they are NOT providing someone to actually do the cooking. 
One of us needs to volunteer to be the "grill-master" :)

Thanks Andrew for offering to provide salads!!
And Jonathan for bringing Gatorade!!

I will bring chips and a veggie tray and cookies and fresh baked brownies!!

Anyone else bringing anything... "thanks" !!

See you there, Greg :)

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2018 City League Series Finale !!!
There will only be light wind all day tomorrow... but just like today, there should be a nice 10 mph N wind at SSP tomorrow after 5 till dark!!

Let's have a great turnout for the final official City League race of 2018 !!!
Novices to experts welcome... no previous experience needed.

Sail Sandpoint (SSP) is partially hosting a BBQ after the races, but we need to bring a few more contributions. They are providing some hamburgers - hotdogs - buns - the grill - some condiments - plates and cutlery.

City League regulars (and or, first-timers) we'd like some contributions from you... whatever you'd like to bring and share!!
Ideas - potato salad (easy to get at Safeway)... chips... soda or fruit juice... veggie tray... etc.
They have a refrigerator for salads, drinks, etc. so the things you bring won't be sitting in your hot car, while we're sailing.

A good idea might be to post back here what you're bringing... so 4 people don't bring the same exact thing.

See you tomorrow!
Greg :)
PS - There will likely be more Wed evening racing at SSP if people want to show up and conrtnue doing the same thing. But it will be a new series... not a continuation of City League.

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Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2018 2:12 PM
Subject: [nw-windtalk] City League #9 Wed June 27th
Hello All Cityleaguers and bystanders,
City League Races for 2018 CL#9 at Sail Sand Point (SSP) will be Wednesday, June 27th 2018.  

You can find driving directions here:

We will follow the same approach as in the past: (1) on Monday or Tuesday, the host shares race information through this email, (2) on Wednesday around noon the host will check the latest forecast and confirm that we are racing (no guarantee about accuracy). You can look at the most current forecast on windalert or sailflow (links below) to decide what to do. I will use this and mm5 maps and NOAA to guess at forecasts.

The following basic information were provided by Bryan Rust (SSP Adult Program Director):
  • The host will need to arrive by 5 pm (probably earlier) and coordinate with Jonathan (Open Boating Manager) who will set marks for us. Note: SSP hosts a beginning sailing class on Wednesday evening off the beach, so it may be necessary to set the course upwind and out of the way so there are no issues among fleets.
  • Jonathan will get the start box mounted on the mark and show the host how to use it. SSP has an automatic starter. Basically, there is a button on the front of the start box, that one of us needs to push to start the buzzer countdown. They use a 3 minute series.
  • Each participant needs to pay the $5 fee at the dockmaster desk either by cards or cash.
  • Therefore, unlike the races held at Des Moines, we will not follow a "fixed" race course. Instead, the race host will work with Sail Sandpoint staff to decide the race course depending on wind conditions, and other events concurrently held by SSP.
  • The Skipper's meeting will be held at 5:30pm at Sail Sand Point (see location of SSP here It is best to get there early to rig up before the meeting and have your wet suit on and ready to go. The race host will try to arrive around 4:30, so that by 5:30 he will be available to have a real official meeting. Once you arrive, please remind the host about the meeting.
  • While you are not in a race you may at your own risk go anywhere you want but remember to follow precedence rules when encountering other vessels.
  • We will be using SSP automatic starting system. This system operates on a 3 minute sequence. We will make sure to inform people at the skipper meeting about the starting sequence. The early arriving folks should pay $5 and prepare a sign-in sheet. When you arrive, please sign this sheet and pay the fee.
  • Sail Sand Point has a weather station and webcam, so you can access their current conditions and SailFlow forecast here: 
  • Here is windalert model:   

I'll check the forecast again tomorrow and update everyone.  Right now it's looking like a light northerly.



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