Re: Starboard GT $1099

Darius Lajauskas

10cm for additional $900

Price is way below market for carbon foil, maybe they mislead with GT aluminum, this one gets in that price range of $1100.


On Wed, Jun 27, 2018, 8:55 AM Michal Prussak <michal@...> wrote:
On their website it says the mast is 85 cm. That's shorter than most, but only 10 cm. But I agree that where we sail the waters get choppy very fast and the longer mast helps. 

On Wed, Jun 27, 2018 at 8:06 AM, Greg Mejlaender <gregnw44@...> wrote:
The issue with this model is the short fuselage. At only 75cm it is 20 cm shorter than my LP. A short fuse will make it tougher to get flying in very light wind AND it will be much more difficult to maintain stable pitch control (it will be porpoising a LOT more for novice and intermediate riders)... all else being equal. Unless the rider is very light weight... in that case, it might be ok to balance on the short fuselage. But for bigger riders, I would think maintaining level flight (not foiling-out and not crashing down) would be difficult.
Greg :)
PS - Bruce or others with the Starboard windfoils - "Looking at these pics... are there really 5 screws you have to install and remove just to attach the mast to the fuse" ???

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Hey guys,

I just saw this foil at Sandy Point with one left.  I do not know if it is new or used but they usually go for $1899.  They do not have the team set on their web site any more, so they could be closing out this years foils for the 2019's.  I heard from Darius that they will have a new foil for 2019.  The 2018's are still good though.

Have a good one.


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