dayOfTheWeek-19.02, mp3DirectCut-19.02 and sayCurrentKeyboardLanguage-19.02 #addonrelease


Dear translators and users

The stable updates of the following add-ons is available:

1. mp3Directcut;
2. dayOfTheWeek;
3. sayCurrentKeyboardLanguage.

These updates include the following changes:

* Added the latest L10N updates;
* Changed version numbering using YY.MM (The year in 2 digits, followed by a dot, followed by the month in 2 digits);
* Added compatibility with the new versioning format of add-on, appeared since nvda 2019.1.

For the update of the mp3DirectCut add-on, it should also include the following change:

* Added the add-on's configuration in the settings panel available since nvda 2018.2.

The documentation of these 3 add-ons has also been corrected following the instructions given by José Manuel.

Each list item is now available as a separate message to facilitate translation.

You can make these updates either by addonUpdater, or by downloading the stable version available in the documentation.