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Alberto Buffolino

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Oggetto: [nvda-addons] Visual Studio Code add-on
Data: Wed, 27 Mar 2019 17:00:23 +0100
Mittente: Pawel Urbanski <pawel@...>
Rispondi-a: nvda-addons@nvda-addons.groups.io
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Dear Everyone,
Some of you know about Visual Studio Code, which is an open source and
lightweight development environment by Microsoft.
It is different from the regular Visual Studio most people are familiar with.

I spent some time providing fixes to the VS Code itself, and wrote a
simple NVDA add-on to improve NVDA's behavior.
** Please do red the notes, and before version 1.33 is released as
stable, do use the insider version, which contains my fixes, and some
fixes by the team from Microsoft. **
You can check it out here
And the Visual Studio Code is over hee:

I consider it as very usable, but work in progress. I am not a
full-time developer, I consider myself a advisor/consultant, who needs
from time to time to create a mock-up of a concept or a tool for my
own or client's internal use.

All the best,

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