The NVDA developer toolkit is an NVDA addon that assists blind and visually impaired developers with the difficult task of creating appealing visual layouts for any software or web development project. It does this by allowing a developer to focus on a specific user interface element, then obtain visual information about the selected element. The NVDA developer toolkit seeks to provide feedback to a blind user in areas such as position, size, colors, absolute location of each edge of an object in the user interface, text formatting when available, margins, borders, WCAG compliance, and other issues blind developers find difficult to perform as a result of not being able to see the user interface. This project is a work in progress. The nvda-developer-toolkit group is intended for users of the NVDA addon as well as educators and employers of blind developers who wish to learn more about supporting their target audiences. The Github repository is here: https://github.com/ajborka/nvda_developer_toolkit

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