Suggested behavior for NVDA's block select / copy feature

Rich Caloggero

Sorry: let's try this again with correct subject!

First of all, thanx to the entire NVDA team for continuing to provide such an outstanding piece of software!

One small suggestion (not sure if this is where to post such things): I'd like to suggest a change to the block selection / copy feature (nvda+f9 and nvda+f10).

- nvda+f9 places a start marker (this works well)
- nvda+f10, once pressed, seems to lock in the endpoint of the selection, until you press nvda+f9 again.

Would like to suggest that nvda+f10 will select from the start, to current review cursor position, and if you move review cursor and press again, the selection is made with the new endpoint. Each time you move the review cursor, either explicitly or via controling with the system caret, the endpoint is reset so that first press of nvda+f10 creates the selection.

Hopefully that's clear...

-- Rich

-- Rich

On 10/6/2020 11:05 AM, Reef Turner wrote:
Hi all,

NVDA 2020.3rc1 has been released. This is a release candidate, and unless any critical issues are found, this will be identical to the

2020.3 release.

Highlights and download links can be found in the release blog post at: <>;