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Now I know a number of fixes were done some time ago that fixed broken bits of registry left by certain uninstalls etc, but one still has me wondering if it might be fixable in a similar way. This is the breaking of reading dropbox dialogues by uninstalling Avast.
As some here may know, my SSD on this machine died suddenly a few weeks ago, thank goodness for recent back ups to a hard drive. However to get up and running my tech had to of course reinstall windows and then put in my latest back up, That just left me with a little tidying up of software that broke. Strangely the dialogues of Dropbox are all back working. This to me points that it was indeed windows that was the problem here. As I said at the time, the dialogues all work for the sighted so it has to be some of the accessibility files that were affected, either by being missing, but the system when broken passed a system file check, or more likely by not being correctly registered. If anyone here knows which the offending ones might be and wants me to check if it will fix this annoying problem, please get in touch, as I have a second machine off site with the same issue, and I do not really want to reformat and reinstall to just get it back, but it might help somebody else if anyone can find a fix that could get into later versions of nvda.
Avast causes no end of issues as it often comes pre installed on new pcs and has really to be removed to stop weird stuff going on.

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