NVDA Add-on Development Guide: 2020.2 edition published


Hello everyone,

On behalf of add-on guide writers, I’m delighted to announce the publication of 2020.2 edition of NVDA Add-on Development Guide. Key changes include Python 3 syntax, script decorator, and general edits throughout the document. The guide can be found at:


Important notes:


  • As Python 3 transition is complete, add-on development guide is now solely based on Python 3. Although you can keep Python 2 code around, we don’t recommend this as a long-term strategy. We recommend using Python 3 for new add-ons going forward.
  • Although you can use either gestures dictionary and docstring (old format) or script decorator (new format) when defining scripts, we recommend using the script decorator going forward to help you keep script information such as script gestures next to the script being defined. If you have add-ons with a mixture of old and new script information formats, please update your code to use script decorator at your earliest convenience (this means you’ll need to declare minimum NVDA version to 2018.3 or later).


Let us know if you have any feedback about the add-on guide.